Carlos Hadaway Western Art

Western Art

Experience western art through the eyes of Carlos Hadaway, The Arizona Kid.  Carlos is a western artist and veteran cowboy who loves Arizona and the Old West, and expresses his passion for both through his renditions of western art.

Western art, sometimes known as cowboy art, depiEight Seconds, © Carlos Hadawaycts a way of life that is unfamiliar to many, yet has a timeless and universal appeal.  It is remembered through the various visual art forms, such as paintings, sketches, bronzes, and film.

Carlos’s favorite medium is oils on canvas, although in the early years he worked with watercolors and pen and ink.  He prefers oils because they have a vibrancy and permanency that will endure through time.  Originals are usually 24" x 36", but occasionally they are a different size.

Arizona Stage, © Carlos HadawayHow did The Arizona Kid, who was born in Virginia and raised in San Diego, grow up to become a western artist?  In childhood it began with a love of going to the movies on Saturday mornings to watch the westerns so popular in his generation.  During the same time, his third-grade teacher Sister Helen Theresa recognized and encouraged his artistic ability.  As he grew, he never lost his fascination of the Old West and the western lifestyle.  Ultimately he combined that fondness with his innate artistic talent to become a painter of western art.  (See Biography for more information.)

Visit Carlos’s western art gallery to view original oils on canvas, lithograph prints, and giclee prints.